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      How We Work

      We believe that great people and great jobs create amazing outcomes.

      At Absolute, we make vital connections, creating inclusive workforces that drive progress. We do this by utilising our expertise to uncover talent and build high-performance teams.  

      The Absolute Way is simple. Consistency of service and our ethos of building long-term relationships, are at the core of everything we do.

      Absolute was founded with the vision of creating an approachable, high-performing agency, built on a foundation of strong candidate and client partnerships. The strength of our relationships encourage openness and honesty, which is key when looking to move roles. We provide our team with the tools and freedom to do this, and to create an environment where they feel fulfilled, supported and happy! Our focus is to provide quality over quantity, and our aim is to never stop learning!

      We’re a down-to-earth, high-performing agency founded on strong internal relationships. We’ve built an open and inclusive space, together, where everyone champions the same guiding principles and strives to become a quality-focused recruiter!

      Paul Mills, MD

      Absolute trust


      "Ashley's personal approach allowed for the recruitment process to be a lot less stressful for me."

      Group Head of Finance
      Unicorn Fintech

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      "I would highly recommend getting in contact with Paul."

      Founder & CEO
      Accountancy Firm

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      "It's a pleasure to deal with the Absolute team, who have adapted to the changing needs of our business."

      Group Chief Financial Officer
      Office Space & Property Development

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      Absolute guiding principles

      Our behaviours are underpinned by 3 guiding principles. Our commitment to living these values keeps us absolutely awesome, for each other, our clients and our candidates.

      We have an obligation to do our best by our customers, respectfully, and we start each day motivated to do exactly that!

      80% of our business is repeat or are referred to us by existing relationships, working in partnership with our clients is important to us and we’re invested in building relationships that last!

      Trust is earned over time and once gained, allows everyone that works with us to the have confidence to make informed hiring and career decisions.

      Hey, we’re a business, which means financial return is important. That just happens to be a by product of our hard work and commitment to the process and all who we work with.

      We’re committed to helping you scale and retain, beyond the initial recruitment.

      Our knowledge stretches far further than identifying and securing talent. We deliver value that reduces your long-term hiring costs. We advise on careers and hiring to accelerate growth, improve retention and create impressive and sustainable careers and businesses.

      We’ve built up years of sector expertise and speak the same language as the people we work with, we can have deeper, more meaningful conversations, resulting in positive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

      We integrate into your brand or your career and act proudly as your brand champion, keeping us focused on achieving your outcomes.

      We know what great looks like and how to achieve hiring and career success. We’re proud to impart that insight, respectfully, to achieve growth and career goals.

      You’ll always know where you stand and what progress is being made because transparency builds confidence, loyalty and trust.

      We promote discussion, and different points of view are encouraged because we think these spark great ideas and build inclusive, thriving careers and teams.

      This approach helps you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, delivering the insights you need to achieve success.

      Your Absolute team

      Paul Mills

      Managing Director

      Bobby Fox

      Head of A&F Recruitment (Director)

      Chantal Estevez-Carrera

      Company Accountant

      Katherine Mead

      Candidate Marketing & Operations Support

      Josh Morris

      Head of Training & Recruitment Ops

      Ashley Reeve

      A&F Qualified & Senior Finance Recruiter

      Samantha Davidge

      A&F Qualified & Senior Finance Recruiter

      Abdul Khan

      Head of Qualified Accounting & Finance – Home Counties

      Vin Waran

      A&F Interim Qualified Finance Recruiter

      Luke Rogers

      A&F Senior Recruiter

      Jeremy Shaw

      Accountancy Practice Senior Recruiter

      Reece Pagett

      Head of IT & Tech Recruitment (Director)

      Michael Oats

      Infrastructure & Cloud Principal Recruiter

      Grace Gentry

      A&F Associate Recruiter

      Natalie Turner

      A&F Interim Recruiter

      Kevin Mills

      Candidate Manager

      Ben Sampson

      A&F Assocaite Recruiter

      Cromwell Ibie

      Qualified Accounting & Finance

      Let’s Talk

      Let’s open a dialogue. No commitment, just a conversation to understand your hiring and career goals and see if we’re aligned to be your partner to help you achieve these.

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